God is always with us

Genesis 28:15 and 16

Central Theme:  We cannot go anywhere away from God.


Introduction–I have never seen my face.  I have never looked at me. 

                  A.  But I know that I have face.

                  B.   I even know what I look like.

                  C.  Bring out a mirror.  I have seen a reflection of my face in a mirror.


          I.      I cannot see God but I know God is with me. 

                  A.  Have a member read Genesis 28:15 and 16. 

                  A.  Tell the story of Jacob.


         II.      Jacob did not know that God was always with him.

                  B.   Jacob thought that when he left his father and mother, God        would not be there.

                  C.  We learned last week that God will always love us. 

                  D.  Now we learn that God is everywhere.


       III.      I can see my face in the mirror, so I know what I look like.


                  A.  How do I know God is always with me?

                        1.   The Bible tells me so.

                        2.   I have been surprised, like Jacob by God’s touching me.

                              A.  I was listening to music the other day; and God touched                                     my heart and I started to cry.

                              B.   I felt his love for me.

                        3.   I have been helped when I was in need.

                              A.  There was a time that my car stopped in a rain storm                             when it should not have stopped.


Conclusion–When I look into a mirror, I see what my face looks like.  I know I have a face, even if I have never seen my face.  I see God in my life and I know that he will never leave me or forsake me.