Take Care of Your Body

I Corinthians 6:19

Central Theme:  God wants us to take care of our bodies.


Introduction—Show some good healthy food that are also pretty—like a sliced watermelon or some tomatoes on the vine.

         1.      God’s Book has some very interesting things in it.

         2.      There is a whole section that tells us how to eat.

         3.      Now it is part of the rules God gave to Israel, and the New Testament is clear that as Christians we are not bound by those rules.

         4.      But God cares enough about our having healthy bodies that he included it in the Bible.  That fact tells me that these are important rules to follow.


          I.      Have a member read I Corinthians 6:19. 


                  A.  Eating is a big part of our lives.

                        1.   When we eat together we become friends and a close bond is formed.

                        2.   Eating can be a real act of worship.

                        3.   We should not overeat or eat things that are unhealthy.


                  B.   We can choose the amount of food we eat, even if we don’t choose the type of food.

                  C.  When we pray before each meal, we making it an act of worship.


Conclusion–Make eating an act of worship and enjoy the good food God has blessed the world with.