Leadership in the church is tricky business.  Christ is the head of the church and God demands that we always remember that everything is done under His leadership and direction.  Nevertheless, every group that gathers in Christ’s name needs a leader. 

Being the type of leader that Christ demands means that there must not be any ego involved.  Christian leaders must be inconspicuous and yet willing to sacrifice everything for the cause of Christ.  Again and again, Christian leaders are told that to be first in the Kingdom of God, we must become like Christ who was servant of all.

In his letters to Timothy and Titus, Paul was giving direction to those two young pastors on how to make true, Christ-like leadership decisions.  Paul acutely understood that bad leadership leads to great damage to people’s souls.  At Special Gathering, a ministry within the mentally challenged community, we are working with a vulnerable group of people.  That makes Godly leadership even more important.

I often ask myself.  How do I act with our members when I think no one is looking?  How do I treat our members when there is no audience?  Am I different?  Do I let myself slip into a superior or angry mode?  Close and constant examination is always needed and warranted.  Discipleship and evangelism is our only purpose to exist.  This demands Christ-honoring leadership skills.  If I am not the kind of leaders that Paul described in his letters to Timothy and Titus, it may be time to leave this important work to someone who can. 

We all fail to live up to the high goals Christ requires. Yet are there times that you have experienced a work of grace wherein you realize that at that moment your leadership skills are directed by Christ?