Yes, the Howard family sat on our home with Fay beating us up from Monday morning until Thursday.  Living two blocks from the ocean, she just languished over our small beach town and whipped and blew and stomped and spit.  She pulled into the ocean and came back with her tail-end bumping and knocking us some more. 

Thanks to the wonderful renovations and hurricane hardening done by Able House Construction and the owner Brad Shea, our home was hurricane ready and we suffered no damage to our house.  We did end up with a room-sized bougainvillea in our pool; but that was minor compared to previous hurricane damage inflicted to our home.

I had written two blog entries anticipating that our electricity would go out.  Well, other than a couple of minutes here and there, we didn’t lose our electricity but we did lose our telephone connection from Wednesday until late Saturday.  I am still on dial up; therefore, we had no Internet connection.  However, our phone is back and so am I.

I had a great conversation with Steve, a choir member and deacon at Special Gathering, on our way to chapel program this morning.  Special Gathering is a ministry within the mentally challenged community.  We have Bible studies and chapel services for our members, emphasizing discipleship and evangelism.  Steve and I decided that we weren’t ready for retirement.  We are too mean and grumpy having to stay at home and do nothing but house work.  Steve groused, “I missed going to work.”  And I agreed with a irritated groan. 

Without my Internet connection, there was so many things I couldn’t do.  As a small ministry, we find that the Internet allows us to do many things that would be impossible otherwise.  It was wonderful to have Fay gone.  The only problem is that I now have more work to do than I can accomplish because I lost a full week.  Some people can’t be satisfied.

What about you?  Have you had a week that nothing was accomplished only to realize that you were left with an avalanche of tasks to accomplish?  How did you get everything done?