Let My People Go

Third Week in August 2008

Call to Worship: I have seen the misery of My people in Egypt.  Exodus 3:7

The Lord is near all who call out to Him.  Psalm 145:18

Over the past few days, I’ve been caught up in the controversy regarding the movie, Tropic Thunder.  I‘m told that there are many offensive references to a important group of people.  The mentally challenged community is spoken of in offensive ways. It reminds me the struggles of the blacks in the South in the 1950’s.  It also reminds me of another group of people who were living under great oppression.  Moses was ready to talk to Pharaoh about having God’s people leave Egypt.  Things are about to get bad.  Have a member read, Psalm 145:18.


     I.     Egypt has had a nation of slaves for more than 400 years.  They like having slaves.  They like having Israel in their country.  However, that is about to change.

            A. Moses went to Pharaoh and told him that God wanted to people to leave the country for a few days to worship him.  Pharaoh refused.

            B. He made life much harder for the Israelites.  There would be no straw for bricks.  The people didn’t understand why their life was getting so much worse when Moses promised God was going to deliver them from Egypt.


II. I love children and teenagers.  I even loved my children and my teenagers.  But I know that the teen years are transition times.  Teens are unhappy and they make everyone unhappy.  But by the time, it is time for them to leave, everyone is ready for that to happen.


A.   This was kind of like it was in Egypt.  Things were getting worse for the Israelites.

B.    And things were about to much, much worse for the Egyptians.

C.   By the time they were ready to leave, everyone would be happy they were going.


    III. What about you?  Have you gone through a hard times?  Have you been unhappy?

            A. Maybe God is getting ready to make a change in your life.

            B. It could be time to pray for God’s wisdom for your life.

            C. There are times that we are like teenagers and everything makes us unhappy.

            D. Usually it not anyone else’s fault but we need to talk to God and find out what he wants us to do now.

Conclusion:  Moses and Pharaoh were about to get into a war of words and deeds–and God was going to win.  Remember, God always wins because he is God.  Life will be better if you just yield to him and obey.