Leaders Are Important to the Church

Acts 13:2

Central Theme:  Deacons must be leaders.


Introduction–Call the deacons up before the group.  (SpG deacons are elected from our membership.)  Explain who the deacons are and how they were selected.  We look for people who are spiritual leaders and popular with the chapel program.


       I.     Have a member read Acts 13:2. 

              A. God calls men and then he gives them favor with His people. (ex: Moses and Joshua.  Ref Joshua 1)

              B. There have always been men and women that God has had his   hand on in a special way.

              C. But in order for these people to be able to do the work God has called them to do, people must like them. 

                   1)  These people should be popular.

                   2)  They should be liked so people will follow them.

      II.     We talked about our deacons not being a popularity contest but they must be liked and respected to be leaders.


     III.     God has an important work for our deacons to do.


              A. We must pray for them and follow them.

              B. BUT we must also like and respect them.

     IV.     Ask the teachers and the deacons to come up.

              A. Have one of your teachers pray for the deacons as the elders lay hands on     them.

Conclusion–Deacons, I promise you that I will pray for you.  I thank you for your willingness to lead us and work for us.