Who Is This Supper Man?

Who Is This Super Man?

As soon as I have the play for 2008 written, I will post it.  However, here is a play we have done in the past.  The music for this play came from the album Gospel Christmas Songs by Cedarmont Kids.  I hope you find this beneficial.  Feel free to modify and change anything you need.  In our plays we use few scenery but some props.  We do have pretty amazing costumes that were sewn for us by a wonderful lady from First Baptist Church of Merritt Island.

Who Is This Super Man?


By Linda G. Howard


Choir should be positioned on the side of the stage opposite where the actors will be entering and exiting the stage. Choir sings, “Joy to the World.”  People come from the side of the stage on the floor.  They are eating popcorn and drinking Coke.   Their scripts can be put on the popcorn boxes so they can read them.  There is an eating table with a table cloth and four chairs.  One of the movie goers is pretending to fly. Everyone except three of the people leave the stage.   Three of the movie people move toward the audience.


Joy to the World! The Lord is Come


Everybody say, Joy!  (3xs)

Everybody say, Joy to the world!


1. Joy to the World!  The Lord is come; Let earth receive her King.

      Let every heart prepare Him room,

      And heaven and nature sing, And haven and nature sing,

      And heaven, and heaven and nature sing.


2.  Joy to the World the Savior reigns, Let men their songs employ.

      While fields and floods, rocks, hills and plains

      Repeat the sounding joy, Repeat the sounding joy,

      Repeat, repeat, the sounding joy.

3.  He rules the world with truth and grace,

      And make the nations prove the glories of His righteousness

      And wonders of His love,

      And wonders of His love,

      And wonders, wonders of His love.


Male Movie Goer 1: That’s the seventh time I’ve seen the Superman movie.  I love Superman.  I wish I could be just like him.   


Movie Goer 2:  That’s the silliest thing I ever heard.  Superman isn’t real. 


Male Movie Goer 1:    (He takes the table cloth and wraps it around his neck like a cape.)  I know but wouldn’t it be wonderful if we had a savior like him.  You know, someone who is there whenever we have a need.  (Pauses and scratches his head)  Why, I could have used Superman today.  The bus was late and I had to miss work.


Movie Goer 3:  Yeah, Superman could’ve flown you to work in no time.


Movie Goer 2:  (Taking the table cloth from Movie Goer 1 and putting it back on the table)  I can’t believe you’re talking like this?  Don’t you remember what season this is?  It’s Christmas time.


Male Movie Goer 1:  What does Christmas have to do with my missing the bus?


Movie Goer 2:  (irritated) You said that you needed a savior.  Well, that’s why Jesus was born. He is the Savior of the world, remember?


Movie Goer 3:  No! No! No! I need a super hero!  A really, special man who can help keep us out of trouble.  (MG 1 and 3 show their muscles.)


Movie Goer 2:   Have you totally missed what happened when Jesus was born?  Everything about it was a miracle. 


The three movie goers sit at the table.


Reader 1:       God, the Father, knew that people need someone to help them with  their lives.  We do need a Savior.  Sin has made us fearful.  We hurt each other and ourselves.  God had a plan to send His Savior.  That Savior was His son, Jesus.


Choir sings “The Virgin Mary had a Baby Boy.”    Open the curtains.  Mary comes to center stage and is looking up to the sky.  The house lights go off and the only light is on Mary.  The Angel Gabriel appears.  He puts his finger up pointing to the sky. 

2. The Virgin Mary Had a Baby Boy


1.     The Virgin Mary had a Baby boy. (3xs)

        And they said that His name will be Jesus.



He come from the glory.

He come from the glorious kingdom

He come from the glory.

He come from the glorious kingdom


2. The Angels sang when the Baby was born…


3. The Shepherds came-a when the Baby was born…


4. The wise men saw-a where the Baby was born…




Reader 2:  God sent the angel Gabriel to a virgin girl who lived in Nazareth, a town in Galilee.  The girl was engaged to marry a man named Joseph.  Her name was Mary. 


(As the choir begins to sing, “Wonderful Counselor,” the angel takes Mary‘s hands.)

3. Wonderful Counselor


1. Tell me, who do you call The Wonderful Counselor?



Oh, oh,  glory, hallelujah

Oh, oh,  glory, hallelujah

Glory, Hallelujah to the newborn King.


2. The Holy Spirit will come on the Blessed Virgin Mary.  (Chorus)

3. Well, they’ll call Jesus, “TheWonderful Counselor.”  (Chorus)

4. Cryin’ Peace on earth, Good will to your neighbor…  (Chorus)

5. Well, I call Jesus, my wonderful Savior… (Chorus)

6. They’ll follow the star to find the baby…  (Chorus)


When the song ends, the angel leaves.  Mary sits on one of the benches. Hands and face held up in prayer.


Joseph comes out and stands in the center of the stage. Mary meets him and uses gestures to explain about the angel.   As they talk to each other, they move around the stage.  Choir sings, “Jesus, What a Wonderful Child.”

4.  Jesus, Oh, What a Wonderful Child


(chorus) Jesus! Jesus! Oh, what a wonderful child!

Jesus!  Jesus! So lowly, meek and mild.

New life, new hope, new joy He’ll bring

Won’t you listen to what the angel proclaims.

Glory, glory, glory, to the newborn king.


I am an angel from the heavenly King.

He’ll born in a lowly manger.

The Virgin Mary is his mother.

And Joseph, you’re His earthly father. 

Take Mary to be your only wife

You’ll be blessed with a heavenly star.

To see King Jesus will be your joy

In a manger filled with hay.


Repeat chorus 2xs


Glory, glory, glory, to the newborn king.



Reader 1:       Mary was engaged to marry Joseph.  But before they married, Mary learned that she was pregnant with a child by the power of the Holy Spirit.  Mary’s husband, Joseph was a good man.  He did not want to bring shame to Mary before the people.  So he planned to divorce her secretly. 


Mary turns away from Joseph and has her back to the audience. She slowly walks back stage.  The choir sings “Go Tell it on the Mountain.”  Joseph goes to center stage.  He is confused, hurt, and angry.  He sits down and falls asleep. 

5.  Go! Tell It on the Mountain

I said, Go!

(chorus) Go, tell it on the mountain,

Over the hills and everywhere;

Go, tell it on the mountain that Jesus Christ is born.


1.     While Joseph tossed in anger,

 An Angel came to earth,

The Angel came to tell him

Of our great Savior’s birth.


2.     The Heavenly One told Joseph,

“Take Mary as your wife.

She’ll be the Savior’s mother.

He’ll live a holy life.”


3.     So he obeyed the angel

The humble Christ was born

And brought us God’s salvation

That blessed Christmas morn.


And I said, Go.




Joseph’s Angel comes on stage wakes him up and talks to Joseph.  After one minute of singing, the  angel leaves.  Mary comes on stage and Joseph goes over to Mary, takes her hand and helps her off the stage.


Reader 3:  And Joseph did exactly what God’s angel commanded in the dream.  He married Mary.


(Joseph puts his arm around Mary.  Mary and Joseph go to back of the auditorium.) The choir sings, “O, Little Town of Bethlehem.” 

6.  O Little Town of Bethlehem


O little town of Bethlehem

How still we see thee lie

Above thy deep and dreamless sleep

The silent stars go by.

Yet in thy dark streets shineth

The everlasting light;

The hopes and fears of all the years

Are met in thee tonight.


As the choir sings, shepherds should move to the front of the stage (on stage).  When the choir begins to hum, The reader reads:


Reader 2:    At that time Augustus Caesar sent out an order to all people.  The order said that all people must write their name in a book.  All people traveled to their own towns to be registered.  So Joseph went to Bethlehem in Judea.  Joseph went with Mary.  While Joseph and Mary were in Bethlehem, the time came for Mary to have the baby. 


While the choir is humming and the reading is reading, Mary and Joseph come from the back of the room and go to the back of the stage.


Reader 4:  That night, Mary gave birth to her first son, Jesus. 

Choir sings “Mary had a Baby.”

7.  Mary Had a Baby


Mary had a baby.  Yes, Lord. 

Mary had a baby, Yes, my Lord;

Mary had a baby, Yes, Lord!

The people keep a comin’ and the train done gone.


1. What did she name him?  Yes, Lord.

What did she name?  Yes my lord;

What did she name him, Yes, Lord.

The people keep a comin’ and the train done gone.


2.      She named Him King Jesus, Yes, Lord!

She named him King Jesus, Yes, my Lord.

Wonderful Couns’lor. Yes, Lord.

The people keep a comin’ and the train done gone.


3.      Where did she lay him?  Yes Lord!

Laid hIm in a manger?  Yes, my Lord!

Wrapped Him in swaddlin’, Yes, Lord!

The people keep a comin’ and the train done gone


 Open the curtains, Mary and Joseph should be center stage with the baby in Mary’s arms.  There should be no angels on stage at this time.


Reader 5:       Some shepherds were in the fields watching their sheep.


Reader 6:       An angel of the Lord stood before the shepherds and said,


Reader 7:       “Don’t be afraid.”


Many Angels appear.  They should point the shepherds to Mary and Joseph and the baby. 

Choir sings, “Rise Up Shepherds and Follow.”


8.  Rise Up, Shepherd and Follow


There’s a star in the east on Christmas morn,

Rise up, shepherd and follow.

It will lead to the place where the Savior’s born,

Rise up, shepherd and follow.


Leave your sheep and leave your rams,

Rise up, shepherd and follow.

Leave your flocks and leave your lambs.

Rise up, shepherd and follow.


If you take good heed to the angel’s words

Rise up, shepherd and follow.

You’ll forget your flocks, you’ll forget your herds;

Rise up, shepherd, and follow.


Follow follow, Rise up, shepherd and follow.

Follow the star of Bethlehem.

Rise up, shepherd and follow.

Rise up, shepherd and follow.

Rise up, shepherd and follow.

 As soon as the song begins, the shepherds walk to the center stage on the floor and bow.  One or two shepherds should go on stage and bow before the manger . 


Angels should move on to the stage. 


As the music begins for “Behold that Star”  The wise men begin to move from the back.  They come on stage and kneel on the floor  before the baby.


9. Behold that Star



Behold, that star

Behold, that star up yonder,

Behold, that star

This the star of Bethlehem.


There was no room found in the inn.

This the star of Bethlehem.

For Him who was born free from sin,

This the star of Bethlehem.



The Wise men came from the East

This the star of Bethlehem.

To worship, Him, the Prince of Peace

This the star of Bethlehem.



(tag)  This the star of Bethlehem.


Choir sings, “Silent Night” as all the movie goers get up walk on stage or go to the front on the floor and bow before the King. Movie Goers 1, 2, and 3 move to the front but they don’t bow.


Silent Night

     Silent night, holy night, All is calm all is bright.

Round yon virgin, mother and Child!

Holy infant so tender and mild. 

Sleep in heavenly peace,

Sleep in heavenly, heavenly peace


Silent night Holy night

Son of God, love’s pure light

Radiant beams from Thy holy face

With the dawn of redeem grace

Jesus, Lord, at thy birth.

Jesus, Lord, at thy birth.



Movie Goer 1—Who needs Superman?


Mover Goer 2—We have a Super King and Savior.  (Pointing to the manger)  His name is Jesus.


Movie Goers 1, 2, and 3 bow.


Choir and audience sings “O Come All Ye Faithful.”  Everyone, except Mary, stands and sings with the choir and audience.


O Come, All Ye Faithful

O come, all ye faithful, joyful and triumphant,

O come ye, O come ye to Bethlehem!

Come and behold him, born the King of Angels!

O come, let us adore Him, (3xs) Christ, the Lord.


Sing, Choirs of Angels, Sing in exultation.

Sing, all ye hosts of heav’n above.

Glory to God all glory in the highest,

O come, let us adore Him, (3xs) Christ, the Lord!


Yea, Lord, We greet Thee, born this happy morning, Jesus to Thee be all glory given.

Word of the Father, now in flesh appearing,

O come, let us adore Him, (3xs) Christ The Lord.