Why Do We Pray?

Acts 12:12

Central Theme:  It is important to know why we pray.



       1.     Have a member read the scripture Acts 12:12

       2.     Say, “Let us pray.”  Then wait for a very long time.

       3.     When people begin to stir or look around, say, “Why do we pray?”

       4.     Have you ever thought about that?  Let’s look at that question for a moment.


       I.     Quickly tell the story of Peter in prison and the church in prayer.

              A. Why were they praying?

              B. Why do we pray?

                   1.  Everything we do begins and ends with prayer.

                   2.  Is it part of the ceremony?  the Pagentry?  Or form of the      church?


           II.     We pray for only one reason:

                   A. God answers prayer.

              B. When we pray and we are Christians, God listens to us.

              C. I don’t think Peter thought God would answer his prayer…but He did.

              D. I don’t think the church thought God would answer their prayer…but he did. 


     III.     Why do we pray.


              A. We pray to tell Jesus we love him.

              B. We pray to ask God for things.

              C. We pray to thank God for his blessings.

              D. We pray to confess our sins.

              E.  We pray to vent.  We can tell God things we can’t tell others.


Conclusion–Those things may all be true but mostly we pray because God is listening and He always answers prayer.  Maybe not in the way we would like.  But he loves us and gives us His best when we pray.