Who Should Be Baptized?

Acts 16:13-15


Central Theme:  Baptism shows your heart has changed.


Introduction–Baptism is important but what is the proper way and how and when should it be done?


       1.     Infant baptism is really a dedication of the family. 

              A. The family is saying, “We will raise this child to love Jesus..

       2.     Adult baptism says, “I am a believer. I love Jesus”

       3.     There are arguments for both–We are not here to argue either.

       4.     Share the time that you were baptized.  (I was 8 years old.  I was so nervous that I threw up all over everyone sitting around me in the church, after I was baptized.)


       I.     We are here to look at Lydia.


              A. Have a member read Acts 16:13-15.

              B. Lydia wanted to show she was a Christian.

              C. Her baptism said, “I am a Christian.”

              D. Her baptism said, “I am a believer.”


Conclusion–Baptism helps us to say, “I am a believer.”