Broken Toy Brain

Broken Toy Brain

Okay I’m like the rest of the Techno and wannabe-Techno world, I have a toy brain.  It all began years ago, when we realized that a cell phone bill was a lot cheaper than a secretary.  All my phone numbers are nowforwarded to my cell phone.  We bought the expensive Treo, about a year before the Blackberry came out, because we could carry our data bases and our calendar with us wherever we went. 

As the Area Director of Special Gathering of Indian River, it is important to have access to the records of our members during program hours.  We are a ministry within the mentally challenged community.  As a ministry dedicated to the evangelization and discipleship of mentally challenged people, our programs are designed specifically to do classic ministry.  In short, we do church that is geared for people who are developmentally disabled.

For years, we carried large looseleaf notebooks with pages of information containing our members’ health and emergency information.  Health and safety is a paramount goal for us.  Carrying a tiny Treo phone that embodies the data that once was carried in our brains seemed so much easier.  And, of course, it is…until your phone is dead.

Last night when I realized my phone’s battery was going away, I connected the Treo to the charger to wait about 20 minutes for it to become fully charged.  Problems evolved when the phone didn’t charge but began blinking and trying to restart.  It’s been restarting all night.  It’s physically painful to see my toy brain trying to reboot. 

This morning I’ll go to the phone store and they will do wonderful things and I’ll have my brains back.  Praise God for technicians.

Are you pro-active in regard to the health and safety of your members?  If not, why not?