Vero Bible Class

Teaching the Bible in Vero Beach

In the Special Gathering, we teach the simple essence of the Gospel,

Jesus loves me

This I know

For the Bible

Tells me so.

This is what our members understand and it’s the heart and core of the Scriptures.  In addition, every church and denomination agrees with this simple premise. As a parachurch ministry we understand that God commissioned the local church with the task of evangelizing and discipleship.  Therefore, we endeavor to not by-pass the local church but to become a part of the local church by asking to become a part of their budgets.   This strategy does force us to use the KISS theory (Keep It Simple, Stupid.) in all our teaching.  Nevertheless, it is amazing how much you can preach and teach in these small boundaries.

Below is an excerpt of a comment left on our June 29, Sermon blog.  I’ve included it for several reasons.  First and I admit it, I’m starved for comments.  While this blog is picked up by several national organizations each day to carry on their blogs, the other comments are few and far between.  Even though this a boiler plate comment that Rev. Billy leaves on many blogs to draw people to his blog, I’ve included it.

But there is much more.  The most important reason why I’ve included it is:  What Rev. Billy is espousing is the very thing that you need to avoid like the plague when teaching your members.  There are many rational arguments I could use to counter his beliefs.  For one, all the books he mentioned are an interesting read but they are riddled with mistakes.  There have been no factual mistakes found within the 66 canonized Scripture texts. 

However, back to the point.  The Special Gathering is a ministry within the mentally challenged community.  We aspire to bring the gospel to our people who are intellectually disabled and then to train and disciple them.  However, there are developmental deficiencies that they face in any attempt to understand complex concepts.  An argument regarding the validity of the more than 600 Hebrew, Aramaic and Greek texts which exist but are excluded from the canon of Scriptures is not an argument that our members will understand or be of interest to them.  Therefore, it is an argument that we avoid. 

Here is the comment left by Rev. Bolitho: 

In the Protestant church only the 66 books approved by the Archbishop of Canterbury in 1885, which today is known as the Authorized King James Bible, are allowed.

Fourteen other books, which were included in the original King James Bible, and 22 other books which were mentioned or quoted in the King James Bible, are not included today.

There was no specific list or accounting of all the books that made up the Bible until the commission of the first Bible by the Emperor Constantine in the 4th Century AD.

It is believed there were up to 600 books, taken out by the formation of Catholicism by Constantine; even one lost book is a great loss.

Also many do not know that the Apocryphal books were actually included in the King James translation until they were officially taken out by the Archbishop of Canterbury in 1885.

My conclusion is that if these books mentioned by God’s people in the Bible, was good enough for them to read and to study, and to accept that it is the word of God, then I to accept that these other books mentioned in the Bible is the word of God. And to reject them would be a grave loss to me. But we do know that if man has any involvement in writing God’s Word, he makes mistakes and sometimes changes the Word of God, therefore we must always seek the Holy Spirits teaching when we are reading holy scriptures today, for the Holy Spirit will always lead us into all truth as Jesus said.