Show Me the Church

Acts 2:41 to 42


Central Theme:  The church is an active group of believers.



       1.     Show a picture of church building where I was raised.  Ask what is this?

       2.     Ask is this the church?  No


       I.     You are the church.


              A. Have a member read Acts 2:41 to 42…


           II.     We are going to look at what the church does


              A. We learn the teachings of the Bible and our faith fathers.

              B. We share by giving. 

              C. We break bread or fellowship.

              D. Prayer.


     III.     How do we do it.


              A. Our teachers help us to understand the Bible.

                   1.  They teach us what is important to know

                   2.  They teach us how to live like Jesus

              B. You give in the offering.

              C. We eat together, play together

              D. We pray. 

                   1.  Our deacons.

                   2.  Gloria White, we had special prayer


Conclusion–     The church is you but the church is actively doing and learning.