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Buying Bread or Expecting a Miracle

John 6:5


Central Theme:  Jesus wants to give us a miracle when we want to buy food.


Introduction–I have had some miracles in my life.  Tell something miraculous that has happened in your life.  A small, everyday happening is the best.  For example, I have only one Sunday off a year in my job with Special Gathering.  In order to spend the maximum time with my children and grandchildren when they are born, they need to be born on Sunday.  Three of my grandchildren have been born on Sunday.  And I’ve been able to be there on the day they were born.  But everytime I am faced with an impossible situation, I want to work it out myself rather than trust God.


       I.     Have a member read John 6:5. 

              A. They were faced with an impossible situation.

              B. Jesus asked a question, “How will we feed these people?”

              C. Philip tried to work it out. 

                   1.  Got out his calculator to figure the cost of 20,000 Big Macs, etc.

               D. Jesus did not want figures.  He wanted Philip to trust him for a miracle.


      II.     I never seem to expect a miracle first.

              1.  I want to figure out how to make it happen first.

                   A. I get out my calendar or day planner.

                   B. I try to work it into my plans and week.

                   C. I try to figure if I have the money.

              2.  This is not all bad.  Jesus tells us to plan ahead.


     III.     I think Jesus was looking at the impossible.

              A. We can trust him to do the impossible when we cannot.

              B. He wants us to say, “You have to do this one, God.”

              C. He may ask, “What are we going to do?”  but he probably wants your answer to be, “What are you going to do?  This one is too big for me to handle.”


Conclusion–There are many things I cannot handle but nothing is impossible for God.