Jesus Asks for a Favor

John 4:7 and 8

Central Theme:  The Lord of the Universe asks mankind for a favor.  He wants our love.



              Run or walk quickly around the room several times.  Be sure that people know that you are out of breathe and need a drink of water.  Get your water bottle and talk about how good it is to drink water.


       I.     Remember the time Jesus asked for water.

              A. Have a member read John 4:7 and 8.

              B. Tell the story of the woman at the well.


           II.     Many things can be sad about this story but…

                   A. Think about the fact that Jesus asked a woman for water.

              1.  This was strange because she was a woman.  Jews didn’t talk to women

                        2.  She was a Samaritan.  Jews didn’t talk to Samaritans

                        3.  She was a sinner.  Jews didn’t talk to sinners.

                   B. Tell about a time you were injured and how you didn’t want to ask for help with opening doors, etc.

                   C. It is humbling to ask for help.

              D. We all know how humbling that is because as people with disabilities, we have to ask for help a lot.

              E.  In this story, God asked man for help.


     III.     God is God .

              A. He needs nothing.  But he asked for water.

              B. He created all things–even water.  But he asked for water.

              C. He knew she was a sinner.  But he asked for water.


     IV.     Jesus asks us to love him.

              A. He needs nothing.  But he asks for our love.

              B. He created everything–even me.  But he asks me to love him.

              C. He knows we are sinners.  But hs asks us to love him.


Conclusion–Jesus asked the woman for water and she gave him.  He is asking us for our love.  Will you give to him?  He has given so much to you.