One of the interesting things about heading a ministry where you are the lead staff person, a van driver, data entry person, chair arranger, praise and worship leader, choir director, and the one who gives the devotions is that you don’t have to worry about who made the last mistake.  You know you did it.  At Special Gathering of Indian River, I’m that person and I’ve discovered more mistakes than I care to admit.  We are a ministry within the mentally challenged community in South Brevard and Indian River Counties, Florida.  We do classic ministry, discipleship and evangelism.  

Each Memorial Day Weekend, we join five of the other Special Gatherings and together we take our members on a spiritual retreat/camp in Vero Beach.    As we approach Camp Agape, there are a multitude of things to do. And, alas, there are many opportunties to falter in preparing to transport some 200 people who are developmentally disabled with all their luggage to camp.  After they arrive, we will be responsible for them for four days.  Our primary concern is the health and safety of our members.  

Some would think that we should be concerned about the spiritual aspects of our camp and, yes, that is vital.  However, without due diligence, mistakes that may cost precious lives could be made.  Perhaps, this would cost us the entire ministry. 

We never lose sight of the fact that God is our source and our help.  We remain aware that God leads us into battle; and occasionally, he gives us a miracle of fire or wind.  Yet, for the most part, he expects that we give our best in daily service for him, which brings us back to due diligence.

Therefore, we ask that you pray for us.  We will have about 200 people at Camp Agape in Vero, Florida.  It will be a good time of love, fellowship, spiritual growth and fun.  The camp begins today, Friday, May 23 and continues until Monday, May 26.  Pray for wisdom, stamina and a sound mind as we work through this joyful time.

Do you have a time of celebration with your members?  Have you found that getting away is a good thing or something to avoid at all costs?  Or perhaps like us, a lot of both.