We must bring Others to Jesus

John 1:40-42

Central Theme:  We must bring others to Jesus.


Introduction–Have one of your “evangelist type” members come up to the podium.  Tell about how they bring people to your program.  The reason why they bring people to our program is so they can hear about Jesus.  All of us should bring others to Jesus.


       I.     Have a member read John 1:40-42. 

              A. Tell the story of Andrew and Simon Peter.

              B. Andrew brought Simon Peter to Jesus and Peter became the head disciple.


      II.     I have so much honor for people like Andrew and …(name your member) because this is something that I have a hard time doing.

              1.  The Bible calls these people evangelists.

                   A. They are able to bring people to Jesus.

                   B. (Name the person who is the best you know) is probably the           best evangelist I have ever met.

                   C. My husband is also a good evangelist.

              2.  All of us must be able to bring people to Jesus.


     III.     How did Andrew do it?  The method was really simple.

              A. He went to someone he knew and loved. (Love is the key.)

              B. He was excited about what he knew about Jesus.

              C. He told his brother without any apologies.


Conclusion–All of us must bring people to Jesus and be evangelists.  It is simple and we can do it if we do it.  We must be willing to do it.