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Breaking News: From WaiverProvider.Com

Jane Johnson Will No Longer Lead A.P.D.
Jane Johnson has announced her decision to step down as
Director of the Agency for Persons with Disabilities (A.P.D.)

We unfortunately received a news release from The Agency For Persons With Disabilities, which informed us that Jane Johnson has announced her decision to step down as Director of the Agency for Persons with Disabilities.
I have personally met Jane Johnson on many occasions.  Jane has always went out of her way to help me, and to answer questions. 
Jane took the position as the Executive Director on April 15, 2007.  In August of 2007, the Florida legislator instructed A.P.D. to cut 10 percent from their 1.2 billion dollar budget.  Very difficult to do, considering that A.P.D. already had a 156 million dollar deficit.  She was given an impossible job. 
Last year, Jane was told by Senator Don Gaetz “This agency (APD) can’t resolve it’s cost problems with nips and tucks. And not even with minor surgery, not even with major surgery. I’m afraid it may need organ transplants and partial body transplants.”
The cuts so far have been hard for many to swallow.  Five services were cut: NRSS, Chore, Homemaker, Massage, and Psychological Assessment.  Support coordination did not go to state workers, as proposed by A.P.D, but instead their rates were cut by 16 to 58 percent- depending on how many children in family homes they served. All Children in family homes now receive “Limited” Support Coordination.   Support Coordinators’ rates went from $161.60 per month, per case to only $67.50 “Limited” and $135.00 “Full”.  Group home providers’ rates were restructured, and many took steep cuts. 
At the Planning For The Future- Unity In The Developmental Disabilities Community Summit , Jane warned of what would happen if APD doesn’t get the budget under control, “Change is going to be imposed upon us.”  She said, “If we can develop strategies to address that without having solutions forced upon us, I think we will be successful.”  Jane stressed, “We need your help and your ideas.” 
Jane was correct in her prediction, and it is expected that providers will take additional cuts of 5.5 percent across the board starting July 1st, but we are still waiting for the final details. 
The Agency For Persons With Disabilities, currently serves over 35,000 people who have developmental disabilities.  There are over 20,000 on the wait list. 
Email Sent To WaiverProvider.Com From The Agency For Persons With Disabilities: 
TALLAHASSEE — Jane Johnson has announced her decision to step down as
Director of the Agency for Persons with Disabilities.  She told her
employees today that she will continue to serve through the end of the
month and will work closely with the Governor’s Office and APD employees to
ensure a seamless transition.
Jane Johnson has urged people to try to unite around a common goal, which is to make life better for people who have disabilities. According to Jane, people must “focus on solutions.”
The Agency For Persons With Disabilities has been instructed by legislation to get the budget under control. Jane recently informed us that the expected deficit was down to 25 million, but “We are not out of the woods.”  She suggested that everyone use creativity and think of new ways of doing things.  Jane said, “We want to hear what your ideas are.” 
We wish Jane Johnson the best of luck, and hope she continues to be an advocate for people who have disabilities.  We commend her on her efforts to make cuts in ways that do not harm those we serve. 
It was an impossible job, but someone had to do it. 

Johnson said, “Working with Governor Crist and Lt. Governor Kottkamp has
been a wonderful, positive experience that I will treasure my entire life.
These two leaders have inspired my unending support and dedication.”
Johnson added, “I truly appreciate the opportunity to serve as the director
of APD.  We have overcome many challenges this past year while always
protecting the health and safety of the people we serve. I will leave
feeling the agency has had a positive impact on many people’s lives”

Johnson thanked her employees for the tremendous gains that the agency has
made in the past year, and she encouraged them to continue the forward
momentum.  She plans to remain active in the disability community.