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Tier 4        $14,792


(Most Kids and People Who Only Have The FSL Waiver)


  Right Now Has-  The FSL/ Florida Supported Living Waiver. 


– Is under 22, AND lives in a family home. 


– Is a dependent child who lives in a group home setting.



*** Most kids will be in this tier.  See other tiers for intensive behavior and/or medical needs.  ****







Tier 3                $35,000


Is 21 or Older AND (must meet one)

-Lives in a group home setting.

-Gets in home supports in their OWN HOME. (supported living environment)

– Gets Personal Care Assistance (PCA) at the MODERATE rate.

– Gets Skilled or Private Duty Nursing.

– Gets A Therapy Service (Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, Speech Therapy, or Respitory Therapy. 



– Gets Behavior Analyst and/or behavior assistant service and is 22 or older. 


– Gets More than 60 hours a month of behavior analyst and/ or behavior assistant service.

Tier 2       $55,000


– Gets Residential Habilitation services 5 or more hours per day.




  Gets Supported Living AND  6 or more hours per day of in home supports. 









Tier 1     No Cap At This Time


NEEDS CAN NOT BE MET IN OTHER TIERS!  (essential for avoiding institutionalization)


Behavioral Needs That exceed what can be met in the other tiers.   (A substantial risk of harm to themselves or others.)


Residential Habilitation At:

   – Behavior Intensive

     Behavior Focus

   – Standard at Extensive 1 or Higher

   – Special Medical Home Care

   – Nursing. 


Tiers will be determined after considering the following:  QSI score, Service Needs, Age and Current Living Setting, and Availability of Natural Resources. 


Tiers Change if there is a significant change in circumstances and/or condition that affects health, safety, and/or  well being.