How to be an Amazing Person

Luke 2:47

Central Theme: As a child Jesus was amazing and he can change you into an amazing person.



Come out with sweats and fighting gear. Put out a sign, “World Wrestling Federation’s Newest and Finest–Linda the Amazing.” Have a volunteer accompany me out and have him/her prime the group to cheer and clap. Say while taking off the sweat band on my head, “Wait a minute. Maybe there is a better way for a grandmother (or pastor, or father, or teacher), like me, to be amazing.”

I. The Bible tells us that we can all be amazing people.

    A. Have a member read Luke 2:47.

    B. Tell the story of Jesus as a boy.

        1. The family went to Jerusalem

        2. Jesus was left

        3. He was with the teachers and lawyers and they thought he was an amazing person.

        4. They could not believe that a young boy would know as much as he knew.

     C. But the story does not end there.

        1. After Jesus was resurrected, the teachers and lawyers were amazed at the followers of Jesus.

        2. These simple fishermen gave them amazing answers.

        3. These followers were so smart and–yes, amazing–that everyone knew that they had been with Jesus.

II. Do you want to be an amazing person–someone people respect and look up to.

    A. It is hard.

        1. There is always someone smarter than you are.

        2. There is always someone who can do better work.

    B. But God can help us to be amazing people

III. It is a supernatural thing.

    A. You won’t be smarter–but you will have the right answers.

    B. You won’t be cuter but people will think you are.

    C. You will not lose your disability but people will begin to define you by your wisdom and what you can do rather than what you cannot do.

Conclusion–I think it’s too late for me to be The Amazing Linda with WWF but I can be amazing because of my love for Jesus. He will change me into an amazing person.